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Once teams have presented their final demos and the sprint has concluded, there are a variety of options for post-sprint engagement. We encourage agencies to host even an end-of-sprint event to celebrate the conclusion of the sprint and the work that was done. There are also opportunities to continue engaging with participants after the sprint by tracking product metrics, offering funding opportunities, and connecting participants with the TOP Alumni Community.

Step 1:
End of Sprint Event

Time: 4-6 weeks


Hosting a post-sprint event is an opportunity to showcase and launch the tools developed through the sprint and allow participants to connect. This is optional but we encourage organizing even a small event that includes only sprint participants. If you have capacity, a larger event with outside stakeholders provides an opportunity for teams to share their products with a more diverse audience and to make connections that could help reach end users.

The TOP team at the Census Bureau organizes an annual Demo Day to showcase the tools developed through the TOP sprints. On occasion, we are able to highlight a few tools developed through an agency TOPx sprint. If you would like tools developed through your sprint to be considered, please reach out to the TOP team at

Key Actions


Develop an invitation list. Include all sprint participants and key stakeholders within the agency

If you have the capacity to organize a larger event, some outside stakeholders to invite might include funders, community organizations, and representatives from other agencies or parts of government


Set up and send your invitation. If it is permitted by your agency, Splashthat is a free option for well-designed templates and a good back-end RSVP management system


If your event will be held virtually, consider what platforms are available for use by your agency.

Take into consideration attendee capacity and screenshare capabilities


Identify a keynote speaker(s) who will kick-off the event and speak to the significance of the sprint. Keynote speakers could be members of the TOPx facilitation team or senior agency officials


Identify sprint participants to speak about their experience or the products they built


Coordinate with your agency’s Communications team to ensure the event will be publicized and highlighted in agency communications, social media, etc.



Instructions on how to set up an invitation page on Splashthat

How to Make the Most of Demo Day

Consider sharing these tips with tech teams to help them make the most of Demo Day

Step 2:
Post-Sprint Engagement

Time: 2-4 weeks


After hosting an end of sprint event, let teams know what their options are for staying in touch and continuing product development and deployment. The TOP team at the Census Bureau facilitates post-sprint opportunities, which TOPx participants can also become involved in.

Key Actions


Tell us about your methods and experience with TOPx. Reach out to the TOP team to tell us about your methods and experience with TOPx


Develop ways for sprint participants to stay in touch with your agency and one another. This could include a Slack channel, email communications, and/or periodic check-in calls

To track product impact, ask tech teams to periodically report back to you on the metrics they collect (e.g., number of downloads, number of users)


Consider opportunities to further support tech teams post-sprint, including launching a Prize Challenge within your agency, or offering grant or contract opportunities for promising products


Connect participants with post-sprint opportunities facilitated by the Census Bureau TOP team.

To Learn More

  • Alumni Community: A quarterly newsletter and facilitated Slack channel offers past sprint participants an opportunity to stay connected and receive relevant resources and updates
  • Prize Challenge: Teams have the opportunity to compete for funding through an America COMPETES prize challenge facilitated by the TOP team at the Census Bureau


America COMPETES Prize Authority Information

Agencies have the authority to conduct prize competitions in order to spur innovation, solve tough problems, and advance their core mission