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Phase 3


Phase 3 - Showcase

Total Duration: 1-2 months

Time: 5-10 hours/week


Once the sprint has concluded, we encourage agencies to celebrate the accomplishments of all participants. This could be by hosting an end-of-sprint event – whether large or small – or via agency-led communications to help others learn about the work completed in the sprint.

Duration and time are estimated based on 1 problem statement, a team of sprint leaders of 2 - 4 individuals, and 3 - 5 tech teams (with a recommended maximum of 6).


  • Celebrate the accomplishments of sprint participants and help get the word out about the products to potential end users, to ensure the work makes an impact
  • Support post-sprint engagement

How to Showcase Your TOP Solutions

How to Showcase Your TOP Solutions

Step 1: Share the Results of the Sprint

Total Duration: 4-8 weeks

Time: 10 hours/week

Formally showcasing and launching the tools developed through the sprint allows participants to further network their products to gain end users and help make an impact on the problem and the communities they were built to serve. It also helps you highlight the work your team and agency supported by leading a TOP sprint, and highlights the value of your open data. You can host a small event just for your agency, invite external stakeholders to hear from tech teams about their products, or share the results of your sprint via an agency press release.



Decide how you will showcase the results of your sprint.


Coordinate with your agency’s communications team to publicize and highlight the outcome of your sprint.


If you decide to host an end-of-sprint event:

  • Invite key stakeholders. Include all sprint participants and key stakeholders within the agency. If you have the capacity to host external stakeholders, consider inviting people from civil society and community organizations, other agencies or parts of the government, and foundations or philanthropies.
  • If your event will be held virtually, consider what platforms are available for use by your agency.
  • Identify sprint participants to speak about their experience and the products they built.


Reach out to the TOP team at COIL if you would like the tools developed through your sprint to be highlighted during The Opportunity Project Summit, an annual virtual conference hosted by COIL to showcase the tools developed through TOP sprints.

Step 2: Post-Sprint Engagement

Total Duration: 4+ weeks

Time: 5+ hours/week

After hosting an end-of-sprint event, share with the teams options for staying in touch and continuing product development and deployment.



Tell the TOP team at COIL about your methods and experience with the TOPx Toolkit.


Define ways for sprint participants to stay in touch with your agency and one another. This could include a Slack channel, email communications, and/or periodic check-in calls.

  • To track product impact, ask tech teams to periodically report back to you on the metrics they collect (e.g., number of downloads, number of monthly active users).


Connect participants with post-sprint opportunities facilitated by the TOP team at COIL:

  • TOP Advisor Network: We can connect your tech teams to product and technology development experts.

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