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Use the TOPx Toolkit to solve the nation's challenges

Use the TOPx Toolkit to solve the nation's challenges

The TOPx Toolkit enables federal agencies to catalyze projects that transform open data into solutions to key national challenges at the heart of their missions.

The Opportunity Project is a program of the Census Open Innovation Labs at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Why Should I Facilitate a TOP Sprint at My Agency?

Your Challenge + Data + Technologists & Communities = Digital Products That Solve Real-World Problems

The Opportunity Project (TOP) is a tested innovation method that helps federal agencies rapidly and creatively solve problems. The resources in this Toolkit enable you to use the TOP sprint model to:

  • Address priorities at the heart of your agency’s mission that require data and innovation.
  • Meet requirements to promote the reuse of your data.
  • Catalyze innovation within your agency.
  • Engage with data consumers and improve data quality.
  • Collaborate with cross-sector partners to create digital solutions.

How Do I Facilitate a TOP Sprint?

The Toolkit is a step-by-step guide on how to facilitate a TOP sprint.

You will learn how to:

  • Define a problem statement and assemble a team.
  • Identify external sprint participants from the technology industry and more, and then lead the sprint process."
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of sprint participants and measure results.

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What is the TOPx Toolkit?

Census Open Innovation Labs created this Toolkit so that anyone can use The Opportunity Project (TOP) method to solve problems. This Toolkit provides you with the necessary information to execute a 12-week product development cycle – called a ‘TOP sprint’ – to rapidly develop digital solutions alongside technologists and community advocates.

Included in the TOPx Toolkit, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to executing a TOP sprint. Each sequential step includes:

  • Checklists with key action items
  • Tips and best practices
  • Downloadable templates (e.g. emails, outreach materials, facilitation guides)

The TOP team at the Census Open Innovation Labs (COIL) is available to assist you with any assistance, clarifications, or to collaborate with you on your sprint.


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What Does a Successful TOP Sprint Look Like?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and White House Council of Economic Advisors led a TOP sprint to increase financial investment in America’s 8,764 Opportunity Zones. This led to six standout solutions including:

City Builder

Citi Ventures

Provides investors, developers, municipalities, and community members with data-driven insights to make meaningful, place-based investments

Community Led Opportunity Zones


Ensures that community priorities inform Opportunity Zones strategies, policies, and investment in Birmingham, Alabama

Inclusive Growth Score


Provides community leaders with local, data-driven insights that measure how Opportunity Zones benefit from equitable growth

TOP Sprints Create Lasting Impact

These three digital products demonstrate the breadth of solutions that noteworthy tech teams from civil society and industry develop during TOP sprints to address national challenges. All still in use, these tools empower meaningful investment using data-driven insights, and helped the federal offices leading the sprint to address mission-critical priorities.

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