Sprints to solve problems with data.

Bringing together government, technologists, and communities to create digital tools that help strengthen American economic opportunity.

What is The Opportunity Project?

The Opportunity Project is a process for engaging government, communities, and the technology industry to create digital tools that address our greatest challenges as a nation. This process helps to empower people with technology, make government data more accessible and user-friendly, and facilitate cross-sector collaboration to build new digital solutions with open data.

Venn Diagram of Government, Tech, and Communities

Get Involved

Participate in a sprint cohort

The U.S. Census Bureau connects tech developers, local leaders, and non-profits with problem statements on issues like jobs, transportation, and housing, and facilitates
user-centered tech development sprints to create new digital solutions

Run your own sprint

Use this process to run your own sprint. Local leaders, technologists, students, or anyone interested in building data-driven solutions can start a project. View The Opportunity Project toolkit, a step-by-step guide to the process used by the Census Bureau team, and adapt it for your own project

Past Projects in Action

Since launching in 2016, The Opportunity Project has yielded dozens of new digital tools that help solve problems like connecting veterans and their families with jobs, connecting people experiencing homelessness with services and shelter, and rebuilding rural economies. Here are three featured projects created through The Opportunity Project. See the rest here.

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