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For the first time, The Opportunity Project is opening up its playbook to enable federal agencies to transform open data into digital tools that solve key national challenges at the hearts of their missions. Email us at and a member of the TOP team will get in touch to answer questions and help you get started.


The Opportunity Project brings technologists, government, and communities to rapidly prototype digital products—powered by federal open data—that solve real-world problems for communities across the country. TOPx is an adaptable toolkit for federal agencies, developed by the TOP team at the U.S. Census Bureau, that enables other federal agencies to facilitate virtual technology development sprints that address key national challenges. To learn about TOP, check out the Process page on the TOP website.

What is the TOPx toolkit?

Unlike an ordinary TOP sprint, which is facilitated by the team at the U.S. Census Bureau and focuses on challenges identified by multiple federal agencies, a TOPx sprint allows federal agencies to utilize the TOP model and resources to:

  • Identify priorities at the heart of an agency’s mission that require data and technology innovation
  • Recruit cross-sector participants
  • Facilitate a virtual technology development sprint on a flexible and modifiable timeline

What’s Included?

  • Detailed step by step guide to facilitating a TOP sprint
  • Each sequential step includes:
  • Checklists with key action items
  • Tips and best practices
  • Downloadable templates (e.g. emails, outreach materials, facilitation guides)
  • Technical assistance and collaboration from TOP team

Why facilitate a TOPx sprint?

  • Meet federal requirements to ensure reuse of your data
  • Facilitate a lightweight, cost-effective, and modifiable virtual program
  • Catalyze innovation within your agency
  • Engage with data consumers and improve data quality

What’s involved in facilitating a TOPx sprint?

Phase 1: Pre-Sprint Planning Effort Time
Form a Facilitation Team

2-4 weeks
Define Problem Statement

2-4 weeks
Recruit Sprint Participants

1-2 months
Sprint Preparation

1-2 weeks
Phase 2: Sprint Facilitation Effort Time
Ongoing Tasks

12-14 weeks

1-2 weeks
User Research

2 weeks
Data Exploration

2 weeks
Product Development

5-6 weeks
Sprint Wrap Up

2-3 weeks
Phase 3: Post-Sprint Effort Time
Post-Sprint Event

4-6 weeks
Post-Sprint Engagement

2-4 weeks

Where to Start

Get in Touch

Send an email to and a member of the TOP team will set up a call to answer questions and help you get started

Explore Our Glossary

Facilitating a sprint requires no prior technology or product development knowledge, but for those new to the space it may be helpful to review some key terms

Read the Entirety of the Toolkit

Before kicking off, many of the steps are overlapping and require an understanding of the entire process