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The Opportunity Project

Creating tools to help communities thrive

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What is The Opportunity Project?

The Opportunity Project is unleasing the power of data and technology to build more equitable and thriving communities. Together, we are creating tools that empower people with information about the resources we all need:

Empowering people

New digital solutions helping families, community leaders, and local officials solve challenges in their everyday lives.

Making government data accessible

A curated combination of federal and local data that is easily transformed into meaningful tools.

Facilitating collaboration

By working together, Federal and local governments, technologists and advocates are catalyzing new solutions to some of our nation’s toughest challenges.

Technologists, federal employees and local leaders, working together to increase access to opportunity in communities around the country

Featured Projects:

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What's been happening?

The President launched the Opportunity Project in March 2016 to catalyze the creation of new digital tools that use federal and local data to empower communities with information about critical resources, such as affordable housing, quality schools, and jobs. By providing easy access to curated federal and local datasets at, and facilitating collaboration between technologists, issue experts, and community leaders, the Opportunity Project is transforming government data into digital tools that create more just and equitable communities and help people solve problems in their everyday lives.

Since its inception, the Opportunity Project has yielded dozens of new digital tools that help meet needs in communities like finding affordable housing near jobs and transportation, advocating for broader access to opportunity in neighborhoods, and making data-driven investments to increase economic mobility.

Through the Opportunity Project, technologists, local governments, and community groups across the country are answering the President’s call to harness 21st century technology and innovation to expand access to opportunity for all Americans.

Read the White House Fact Sheets to find out about what has been accomplished and commitments from government, tech companies, universities and more.

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