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We want technologists, communities, and advocates to work together to build digital tools that improve people's lives. Use the Opportunity Project data to do that. Anyone can build, and we're committed to providing you the best platform possible.

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Data Inventory

Use curated data related to opportunity from across federal and local governments.

We believe that through collective action, we can use open data to build fair and equitable communities and expand opportunity for all. To help you use that information, we pulled together some of the best federal and local open data sets for information on access to opportunity.

Find more information on the data sets here. You can find thousands more government data sets at See a data set with information on access to opportunity that’s missing? Join us in GitHub and add new suggestions!

User Scenarios

The Opportunity Project is about creating digital solutions to help individuals and communities to thrive. This starts with identifying real problems faced by real people in their everyday lives.


You can get started using Opportunity Project data quickly with CitySDK, a JavaScript toolbox that makes the data developer friendly, user friendly, and collaboration friendly. Check out the data sets above and then visit CitySDK  when you’re ready to build. Use the scenarios to help you identify a problem to solve, or design in partnership with your target end users.

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